If you are about to start working on your dissertation, it is important to understand the structure of the paper. This is an academic paper and it has to conform to a universally accepted structure. While your college might have some unique guidelines to do my dissertation, you will find that the outline of the parts required in the paper doesn’t change. The best dissertation help online you can find is on how to structure your paper.

In this article, you will find the main sections of the paper and notes on what goes into them. Keep reading to ensure you write a winning paper.

Before You Start Writing
You will have to follow a pre-determined writing style (MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago) and you need to submit a dissertation proposal for approval of your project. If you decide to use dissertation/thesis writing help, your writer will guide you through all these requirements.

Dissertation Structure
Your dissertation should have the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • In this section, you will introduce the reader to the topic by telling them what you intend to do and giving a background of your topic choice. Include the significance of the problem and show the importance of the study, analyze the theoretical basis for your research, a problem statement, research questions, and a hypothesis.
    Here, you prepare readers for the thesis argumentation and evaluation of the information and findings. Your thesis writer can provide a sample dissertation introduction to give you an idea of what you need to do.

  • Literature Review
  • In this section, you will review existing literature in the field on the topic of the research. The literature you choose must support your theoretical argument and prove you have a grasp of the subject. Put things in perspective through a historical background, show theoretical ideas that inform your research. The literature review should also include current empirical literature relevant to the research question or hypothesis you have formulated.

  • Methodology
  • This section of a dissertation introduces to the reader the methods you used to gather the information and data for the paper. It is a core section of your paper and you have to provide detailed information about the methods used. Include participants, measures, research design, procedures and how you have executed methods chosen. The idea is to show the reason for choosing the methodology in answering your research questions.

  • Research Results and Discussions
  • This is the body of your dissertation and if you decide to hire a dissertation writing service, this is the section you will get the most help. The section consists of your results of the research and your analysis. You will include tables and figures to represent your findings in this section. In your discussion, you will summarize findings and interpret these findings,

  • Conclusion
  • A good conclusion has sound statistical analysis of the data as its foundation. Discuss the implications of the results and relate them to the literature review. It is an opportunity to contextualize and justify your research. Here include also the limitations of your research and recommendations for future research.

  • Bibliography/References/Appendices
  • All materials used in your research should fall under this section depending on the writing format you have followed.

Go ahead and look for sample dissertations from dissertation services to understand this structure better.

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