Are you struggling to finish your dissertation? Would you like to learn new a new technique to help you finish your dissertation? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at the technique known as Pomodoro and how it can help you write your dissertation better. So if you have trouble in this area, this is an article you would not want to miss out on.

Have you ever heard trainers use the phrase tomatoes while training their players? It might sound tricky, quite weird, and a bit out of context considering the environment. However, the term is pretty accurate as it represents a common technique known as Pomodoro. The method was developed a long time ago by a man known as Francesco Cirillo‚Äôs Pomodoro, hence the technique’s name.

The technique is straightforward yet pretty effective in terms of boosting your productivity and focus. The reason behind its effectiveness is why it has the nickname “tomatoes.” The technique focuses on dividing the time required to complete a task into different intervals, with each interval having a preceding break. Francesco called it a timer shaped like a tomato. The technique is quite efficient, and a lot of people who have used it have improved immensely.

Tips for Focusing on Writing Dissertation using the Pomodoro Technique

To know how to use a Pomodoro technique, you must understand how it functions. Here is an overview of how the technique works and how you can use it to accomplish your quest.

The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

The technique focuses on splitting the time needed to accomplish a task into smaller, more manageable bits. There are many online tools that you can utilize to implement this technique, or you can use your program.

The first step of implementing the Pomodoro technique is to divide each task into bits of 25 minutes. Once you commence your task start your timer and work on the task until the timer goes off, then stop. However, to make sure you make proper use of the 25 minutes, ensure you prepare for the task first, even before starting the timer. Bring together all the resources that you will need and ensure you have an idea of what you are going to execute.

It would also help if you avoided any distractions; hence put away your phone and stay away from screens.

You can implement this technique to focus on your dissertation writing more efficiently. To start off, you can try writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day. Having these fifteen minutes set aside will let your brain focus on the task at hand without flaring away. Once you get a grip of the Pomodoro technique, you can add more tomatoes to work on each day according to your schedule.

Benefits of using the Tomato Technique

The first tomato benefit would be consistency which is required to create an excellent dissertation. With this strategy, you can quickly and efficiently progressively improve your productivity. The consistent growth of productivity and focus acts as a motivation to finish your dissertation in due time.

Using this technique, you can also average the amount of work you can handle in a given time. Hence you can create a reasonable program.


Writing a dissertation can be intimidating and tedious. However, if you implement the Pomodoro technique, you will improve your performance immensely.

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